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Our goal is to stop recyclable plastics having to be dumped, once they have been sorted from other wastes.

Why continue roaming hundreds of kilometers to bury plastics when there is a technical solution to recycle them?

This approach is also contrary to the Article 2 of the Decree 13 July 1994 on waste disposal, which requires industrial manufacturers to find new ways to revalue and develop packaging waste. When the plastic arrives on our site, it is no longer considered as waste but as a secondary raw material that will go back into the production cycle of plastic products.

The gain isn’t only ecological it is also economical. It is the gesture of separating the plastic from the rest of the rubbish that gives it this value, taking away the cost of it going to the dump, you will reduce your bill linked with waste that in is constant increase.
It is a global win-win situation:  an ecological gain, a financial gain and compliancy to the law.